Easy Eye Revive: DIY Lavender Pillows


As we come to the end of the first week of the A to Z Challenge, I thought it appropriate to take a little time out and focus on a restorative practice. This one is particularly simple to do – as long as you can find time – or should I say ‘make time’? – for a little self love. But why not make the most of every moment and add a little something special to your time out? Your eyes will thank you for it.

Lavender is a fragrant aromatic, a relaxing herb, and it can be used in baking, lotion making, gourmet cooking, tea making, tinctures and much more. In fact, The Wellness Mama goes on to say that lavender:

“…has been thought for centuries to enflame passions as an aphrodisiac, and is still one of the most recognized scents in the world. The German Commission E commended lavender for treating insomnia, nervous stomach, and anxiety. The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia lists lavender as a treatment for flatulence, colic, and depressive headaches, and many modern herbal practitioners use the herb to treat migraines in menopause. In Spain, lavender is added to teas to treat diabetes and insulin resistance.”

I found this very easy to follow Eye Pillow Sewing Tutorial over at this delightful little blog, Yoga Hound, where you can also download the printable PDF. I’ve adapted it slightly, simply because rice just happened to be more accessible on the weekend I was making these, but mix and match to make it your own.

Little do they know, but I’m planning on making these as take home gifts for my fellow yoga teacher trainees following my meditation workshop next weekend. But shh! Don’t tell them that…

You will need:

25cm x 25cm square of plain cotton fabric (muslin or calico is fine)

55cm x 14 cm length of pretty fabric in either cotton or silk (I found some lovely yoga themed prints here)

+/- 1 and a half cups of rice and flax seeds or Golden linseeds

1 teaspoon of dried lavender or some essential oil

Pinch of rock salt (to soak up any moisture, especially if using rice)

Mix the rice/seed mix with the dried lavender, or add 3 drops of lavender or your choice of essential oil. You can also use dried camomile instad of the dried lavender if you prefer.





2 thoughts on “Easy Eye Revive: DIY Lavender Pillows

    1. What a beautiful blog you have, Suzanne!
      When heating lavender bags, I wonder if it makes any difference as to what ‘ingredients’ are inside. Do you know?


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