the moon story

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There is a longing in my chest that aches for you. Thoughts of you suffocate my day as I wait here in the shadows, under the comfort of thick, warm blankets.

Do you even know?

Your brilliant beam illuminates the Earth. And she bursts with colour and life for you. We danced and played in her waves, ducking, weaving and diving with joy in our hearts. But your brilliance is blinding and I am lost at sea with each pulling tide.

You said you loved me, once. Your face was all aglow. And for a moment I truly believed.

But I am called back to my place amongst the stars. And you must chase the day.

You etch a scar on my heart every time you turn your face away. You have left a thousand marks that shoot out of me and scatter across the universe. I have spent years catching each and every one and pinning them on the galaxy’s ceiling. There they shimmer with the memory of you.

When you grow tired of running, know that I will be waiting. And we will dance until we fall down out of the sky. And there we will rest. And you will tell me the story of how the sun loved the moon so much, he died every night to let her breathe.

Hatha, as in hatha yoga, is sometimes taken to mean sun and moon from the syllables “ha” and “tha” representing solar and lunar energies. Yoga means “yoke”, so hatha yoga is a binding or yoking together of solar and lunar energies.


2 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. Fantastic. This was very well put together. I enjoy approaching characters this way, with little monologues to help me get in their head, and you were able to do it with an heavenly body. Love it.


    1. Thanks Jon!
      I suppose years of playing at being an actor has put me into that mindset. It certainly feels more immediate when I read that kind of work.
      You’re writing is very rich with language. It’s such a treat – thank you!


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