Just Juice Part 1: hold the fructose!

It’s been a while since I posted anything food related. Many of you who are new to my blog (by the way, welcome!) may have mistaken me for a flash fiction writer. I’m not-so-secretly very happy if that is the case. However, I thought I’d take a breather from that today as it’s quite an intense process – particularly when you’re not used to producing new work every day. The A to Z Challenge has truly been just that – a challenge! – but a wonderful one at that.

Truth be told, I originally started this blog as a means of exploring and recording my journey with food. If you’ve happened to take a little trip around ‘an immovable feast’ you may have stumbled upon my fructose malabsorption info. I’ve been meaning to do a post about juicing for a while. In the fructose-free world, juices are almost unheard of. Go to any juice bar and you’ll find most of the base ingredients that provide the all-important sweetness – and let’s face it, the part that makes them taste good! – are loaded with high amounts of fructose (apples, honey…). Which is totally fine, if you don’t suffer the consequences later! But these can be simply taken out or substituted for other options (like kiwi fruit, rice malt syrup…)

If I’m blatantly honest…I also am fairly useless at actually juicing at home. I keep vowing to get into it and yet, come breakfast time, always end up opting for the peanut-butter-on-toast option. But then, I could eat peanut butter any time of day. Which is actually counter-productive as peanuts have the highest fructose content of all the nuts! I blame my low blood sugar – it craves the salt.

I’m a bad yogi. And loving it.

Enough! Onto the juice recipes!

So as you can see, you may get around to trying these out before I do, and if so – let me know how you go! I workshopped these ideas with a lovely nutritionist from the Retreat Cafe at The Power Yoga Company. If you’re a Londoner, I highly recommend you get yourself along to this quirky little oasis. You don’t even need to do a yoga class – just plan a breakfast date! You’ll notice I haven’t included measurements as with juicing, it’s all down to personal preference. As a general rule, the ingredients are in order from ‘more of this’ to ‘less of that’. So play around and see what works for your taste buds.

apple *
Lumi Lounge
apple *
coconut water
1/2 cucumber
kiwi fruit
Green Monkey
almond milk
chlorella/ spirulina
My favourite… (this one I actually make religiously…)
soy milk (or regular, if you prefer)
vanilla extract
chia seeds

*omit for fructose free option

So that should get you started! One of these days, I’ll get on to that too..

20140411-080846.jpgLumi Lounge at Lumi Power Yoga



2 thoughts on “Just Juice Part 1: hold the fructose!

  1. i really want to try this, especially if it tastes good, but that green color is so…yucky!
    why are healthy things so unappealing… my appetite has matured, but unhealthy foods are too darn easy and tasty. i will definitely try harder and your recipes will inspire me! happy j day!


    1. Haha! I hear you, Tara! I might be one of those strange people who actually doesn’t mind the bright green stuff!
      But just leave it out – it certainly shouldn’t be the dominant feature here, especially if it’s just not your thing.
      Happy blending! X


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