nothin but [lumi] love.

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courtney stefanowicz yoga

roots roots

erh. mah. gerd.


ya know how sometimes you go someplace new and you instantly feel at home?

like…you weren’t actually invited. but everyone is happy to have you. and they remember your name each time you go. and every soul around the place smiles and seems relaxed and there is an overarching presence of good vibes. there is a magical love of yoga in the air. and yeah, it might be in hammersmith (not the best location for a streatham girl). but regardless, you wonder if you could find a little nook to sleep in, perhaps amongst the props. or maybe even try to somehow camouflage your yogi self (despite your hipster patterned leggings) in attempt to blend in with the decor so you never have to leave. because it’s that lovely of a place to be.

lumi power yoga. it just feels like home.

a short gander from the hammersmith station…

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