Day 2 YTT: Vitality

Today I woke to an unintended but inspired flashback to my graduating year of high school. As I wandered, bleary-eyed into the kitchen, my muscles pained from the day before, my housemate greeted me with Baz Luhrmann’s 1999 hit ‘Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen‘. Take a moment. Listen.

1999 was a good year. And yes, I was making myself my acidic morning coffee (I’m a Melbournian at heart, what can I say?). But rest assured I followed it up with my newest ritual of my alkalising hot lemon water chaser.
Everybody’s free…to feel good!

A baby chick develops the strength and vigor it needs to survive in the world by the very act I pecking, pushing, and twisting it’s way out of its protective shell. If you broke the shell open for the baby chick, it would not survive, because it did not go through it’s own process of struggle and freedom. Remember, the prize is in the process!

– Baron Baptiste on Parivrtta Alanasana (Revolving Crescent Lunge) from Journey into Power