tolerating intolerance

I was never much of a cook growing up. Sure, I’d go in for a cake bake-off with Mum as much as the next person – but I always went in with the end game in sight: the great bowl and wooden spoon lick. I guess you could say I have always enjoyed the eating part more than the making. The product rather than the process.

However, as someone who has struggled with food intolerances for most of my adult life, time and time again family or friends would say to me ‘you need to write me a list of what you can and can’t eat!’ They felt guilty asking every time…I felt embarrassed explaining all the time…

The time was ripe for change!

Slowly, I started to let go of some of that perfectionism, to appreciate spending the time, to enjoy doing something just for me. In the end it made me feel more nourished both in my body and in my mind. Now, the creative muse in me loves nothing more than spending the afternoon pulling apart, rewriting and stitching back together simple, tasty recipes for a range of intolerances. And, of course, I still love the indulgent eating part, but now I enjoy being able to share it with friends and family – wherever they may be.

Look out for ‘erin’s eats’ and food-related tags at the bottom of each recipe to check which ones are friendly to different conditions.

You may also like to check out the following pages and food lists for more info:


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