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Erin is a writer, actor, yoga teacher and primary school teacher who has spent many years working in highly collaborative environments, creating new theatrical work that is vital, challenging and entertaining for its audiences. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Erin returned to London in 2013 after filming the supporting role of WWI nurse, Ethel “Pete” Peters in the TV series Anzac Girls.
Erin worked extensively in Melbourne’s theatre scene as an ensemble member of Australia’s premiere ensemble theatre company, Red Stitch Actors Theatre. Whilst she appeared in numerous premiere productions of local and international works as an actor, she was an integral part in many Red Stitch Writers script development projects developing new Australian works in collaboration with actors and a dramaturg. These works often went on to full scale productions, tours and garnered a number of theatre awards including Red Sky Morning, Stop. Rewind and Roam. Erin has also worked on dramaturgical projects for performances in independent and festival scenes, including the 2011 Adelaide Festival favourite, Shadows of Angels.
Erin went on to be the Communications Coordinator for Currency Press, Australia’s performing arts publisher, working with playwrights and investigating writing from a fresh, alternate perspective. Her personal writing projects cross a number of forms including a number of short stories, full-length plays, novel writing and blogging.

on stage


Liza likes throwing snowballs, leaping through planets, and bouncing on her soft bed,
even though she is told not to.

One day she discovers a Winter Sprite in her woolly pocket and it won’t leave her alone! Liza is plunged into a world of stories and adventure, led by a tiny Sprite with a strange white suitcase.

But what is in his mysterious collection? And what is a ‘Sprite’ and how did he get in her pocket?

And how will she ever get to sleep again?

And does Antarctica have polar bears or penguins?

Find out in this brilliant whirlwind of storytelling, shadow puppetry and song with a winter sparkle featuring a unique chance to make up a story of your own! UK Tour 2014-2015.
Watch the trailer here.
This project is based on an original story idea by Maria Litvinova. The final work will be the product of a devised, collaborative development process by the following creative team:
Director Maria Litvinova
Writer Erin Dewar
Performers Katie Boon, Alex Kanefsky
Music & Lyrics Darren Clark

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